One Way To Do an Okushiga Day

For those of you who are reading this blog and have yet to experience Okushiga Kogen, here is a brief snapshot of a day that could be yours, even though the true experience of being here is truly impossible to describe. And if you have been smart or lucky enough to venture out into our highlands, maybe you would like a little help remembering some of the happiest times of your life or being jealous of what could have been…Warning: it may have not been the most glamorous of days that could have been, but it sure was a great one!

I may have woken up a bit late today, so breakfast was skipped, but all in order to make it up the mountain on the first chair at 8:30. With the sun already blazing, presenting a 360 degree panoramic view into the horizon, many a picture was taken, even one using the panorama function on the iPhone—the opportunity was just too tempting!


Despite the lack of sustenance in my belly, my legs and body were already awakened by the cool clean air and the non-stop picture perfect views. It was almost dangerous to ski because the views were unbelievably eye-catching, maybe too eye-catchingly distracting. Someone, like myself, could forget where he or she was going— I definitely nearly lost it a couple of times!


Shredding through the perfectly groomed slopes, swishing and edging, trying to find that perfect feeling that comes close to flying, I found myself at the park. Taking a break to asses the options / actually mustering up the courage to get up and jump, I found myself admiring the demo skis rented from the hotel. Couldn’t help it, because they felt good and definitely made me look good at the very least!


Then into the trees of the Okushiga Valley we went. Between the Yakebitaiyama #1 Gondola and Okushiga Gondola, there are countless lines with everlasting powder and trees to dodge, which never ceases to please and challenge even the best of us! There seems to always be room to improve… such is the beauty of the sport.

With tired legs and the feeling of a day well spent, I naturally gravitated towards the comfortable couches in the lounge, where a warm fire, food, snacks, and plenty of drinks were had thanks to the international staff, who knew my needs and even sent me secret messages in my drinks? Or maybe I had too many…


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