To catch the first sunbeam!       日の出を山頂で迎え、ノートラック・バーンを滑って気持ち新たに  


Today Okushiga Kogen Hotel had organized another amazing sunrise snowcat tour!  At 5:45 AM all gathered guests after the glass of fresh orange juice hit the road with the snowcat truck to conquer the mountain!




In Japanese tradition, the Sun is the symbol of Goddess Amaterasu, who is one of the most important gods in Japanese pantheon. That is why, apart from aesthetic considerations, catching the first sunbeam of the day has a very spiritual value. It is even more sacred to watch the sunrise from the mountain on the first day of New Year or from the holy mountain of Japan: Fuji-san.



IMG_8440 IMG_8420

On the viewpoint up on the Yakebitai mountain guests had a chance to look up to the stunning view of rising sun above Shiga Kogen cordillera, drink hot chocolate and take photos.




After the lofty moment of the passing sunrise, guests had a unique pleasure to shred the first corduroy tracks on the expert or forest run.

IMG_8471  IMG_8465

Really nice way to start a day, am I right?



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