The Birds and the Bees • まだ冬もう春

Cherry blossoms are blooming throughout Japan, signaling the turn of the season, and usually, the decline of snow quality throughout the region too, but not in Okushiga! The snow keeps on coming (another 20cm in 36 hours), well at least enough to keep us satisfied and the slopes in perfect skiing condition (see below), while the Okushiga trees stay unbelievable (as you can see from the photo above).



With the spring solstice arriving soon, everyone around the hotel is getting slightly giddy for what is to come during the official turn of the season. Ski instructors and their students alike are in splendor from seemingly endless fun, from a morning and afternoon on the slopes, split apart by pizza and Uno for lunch, I do not think anyone could be more jealous of such a glorious day. But what about night?



Olympic gold medal winner, Gwendal Peizerat, is here not only to enjoy the snow, but also to showcase another gold medal worthy facet… his singing! From watching him prepare during the day to setting the ambience at night, the hype is in the air, and we cannot wait for many nights of joy to come.


The snow may be still falling, but the birds are already chirping and the bees are definitely buzzing. Spring is coming and love is in the air at Okushiga. When the sunrise snowcat tour brings you unforgettable views of tranquility along with a pink soul warming glow reflecting off the snow, how could you not feel the need to embrace something, someone, or really anything around while on top of the world?




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