March Madness • 弥生の粉雪

Everyday we wakeup thinking that it is our last winter skiing and that it was time to put on the wetsuit for some spring slush, but every time that hint of warmth, crust, ice, or wetness baits us into the sad mentality of needing to wait another year for Japow, we just get completely dumped on. What is this madness? Climate change maybe…but at least that means more snow in 2017!



After a solid 30cm of overnight snow, blistering winds have kept the powder untouched this morning, leaving powder packed pistes wide open for the few venturing over from Yakebitaiyama for one perfect run. Despite what the photo above shows in terms of conditions, visibility was not even a necessary factor when every turn was aided by equally weighted knee deep powder that left you with a taste of heaven and sorrows forgotten.


Regardless of the weather, evenings are full of craze and enthusiasm for magic, music, medals, and even marriage. Gwendal never ceases to impress with his singing and guitar playing as guests simultaneously admire and even take sneaky opportunities to touch olympic gold for their first time (without even needing to put in the hard work!) Meanwhile hordes gather for weekend magic as Fred and new guest star magician Sylvia put on never before seen duet performances for Okushiga guests! And even newly weds looking for and receiving a blast of excitement up in the Japanese mountains. With guests who have spent the winter season skiing all over the world, everyone is in agreement that March in Okushiga will bring nothing but the best snow at this time of the year. Time to go ski some powder—this is truly madness!






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