Sunrise to Sunset Snow

Day by day, the hours of sunlight increase, which has always meant the hours of skiing does too. From 6:30 until 4:30, lifts are running and groomers are grooming, and on top of that, the sky keeps snowing. As of the 25th of March, we finally hit a season high with a sustained base snow depth of 310cm and rising. How does this happen you may ask? How is this possible in Okushiga? Well, I think it is fair to now say that the Siberian winds seem to have seemingly chosen favorites—as the Alps become evermore desolate, Okushiga Pow just becomes more pow… And with a change of winds comes a change in migration patterns guaranteed… Okushiga pow has spoken for itself!






From breakfast to dinner, flowering edibles nourish our bellies to fuel our legs through the snowy mountains of Okushiga. Healthy living seems to be the mountain way as we gorge ourselves with only the best quality mountain food in Shiga Highlands. Our international staff brings authentic fine Japanese and French dining with all the in between snacks mastered and included for the hungry go-getters. And we are even given the freedom to create our own goofy breakfast dishes (bottom left).


When you think digesting food on top of more food is enough, we have to wakeup to mesmerizing sunrises casting light on layer after layer of fresh powder, just waiting to be sun struck, but those smart enough to hit the Okushiga pow in its softest form wakeup for the early bird chair to ski out as many fresh lines as possible before heading in for a hefty breakfast and maybe even nap. Ladies and gentlemen, it does not matter when you come, for the picture perfect snow keeps on coming.








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